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Stage M2 Internship : Autonomous Exploration of a 3D Environment with a Fleet of Drones

Offre du 18/01/2021

6-months Master 2 Internship on Autonomous Exploration of a 3D Environment with a Fleet of Drones

INRIA Chroma – CITI Lab & INSA Lyon
A. Renzaglia, O. Simonin

(see pdf file attached)

Autonomous exploration with a team of mobile robots is a fundamental task in many robotics applications, such as map recontruction, search and rescue operations, inspections tasks, etc. For this reason, it is a widely studied problem and several efficient approaches have been proposed in the last years. However, most of the existing solutions only consider 2D areas, while complex 3D environments still present several challenges to be adressed.

The objective of this internships is to design new solutions for frontier-based approaches ([1,2]) in 3D by tackling some of these challenges. In particular, the main goals will be:
to design fast and efficient frontier detection methods
to define criteria to optimally divide them into clusters and to quantify frontier utilities in the terms of predicted new aquired information (e.g. see [3]).
This study will be build upon the active research recently led in the Chroma team on this subject [4,5] and exploiting the Gazebo-based drones simulator developed by the team (see illustrations below). Ideally, the internship work will also includes outdoor real experiments conducted with the aerial quadrotors used in Chroma.

Experience required.
Knowledge in robotics, possibly including planning and multi-robot systems.
Proficiency in Python/C++ programming is required and a direct experience in Gazebo and ROS will be appreciated.
Interest in real experimentation.

Additional information.
The selected candidate will join the INRIA Chroma team (https://team.inria.fr/chroma/) at CITI-lab INSA Lyon, and work under the supervision of Olivier Simonin and Alessandro Renzaglia.
The internship duration is 6 months, ideally starting from March 1st 2021.
The salary is approx. 580 € / month (ie. the standard rate 3.9 € / h).

Send a CV and a motivation letter to:
Alessandro Renzaglia (alessandro.renzaglia@inria.fr)
Olivier Simonin (olivier.simonin@inria.fr)

[1] B. Yamauchi. Frontier-based exploration using multiple robots. In Proc. of the Second International Conference on Autonomous Agents, 1998.
[2] W. Burgard, M. Moors, C. Stachniss, F. Schneider, "Coordinated Multi-Robot Exploration", IEEE Transactions on Robotics, 21(3):376-378, 2005.
[3] L. Yoder and S. Sebastian, "Autonomous exploration for infrastructure modeling with a micro aerial vehicle" Field and service robotics. Springer, 2016.
[4] A. Renzaglia, J. Dibanoye, V. Le Doze, O. Simonin "Combining Stochastic Optimization and
Frontiers for Aerial Multi-Robot Exploration of 3D Terrains", IROS 2019.
[5] A. Renzaglia, J. Dibanoye, V. Le Doze, O. Simonin "A Common Optimization Framework for Multi-Robot Exploration and Coverage in 3D Environments." Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems, 2020.




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  • Stage
  • Fonction

    • Ingénieur.e
    • Diplômes

      • Bac +5 (M2, Ingénieur, etc.)
      • Expérience

        • Débutant
        • Langages Informatiques

          • C, C++
          • Python
          • Outils et Environnements

            • ROS
            • Gazebo